Integrity is the core pillar of our activity. We are privately owned, independent, with no links to the banking and asset management industries. We do not manufacture products, we do not manage funds, we do not distribute financial instruments, thus avoiding all conflicts of interests. We also favour a responsible approach to investing (Perennium is a member of FNG and the French SIF) and we can assist our clients in this field.

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Client Centricity

Perennium is very clearly positioned on the client’s side of the fence. We do not say that clients come first, it is more than that: we claim that clients’ interests are the only things that matter.
We start by listening. We invest the time needed to reach the required level of trust and mutual understanding, without which we cannot succeed. We like to share our client’s values and goals (Perennium dedicates itself to the non-profit world).

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Creating value for the client requires a deep and strong expertise in three key areas : financial markets (markets dynamics and financial products), portfolio management (not only state of the art investment theory but also, and most importantly, concrete experience), risk management (at the macro and micro levels). In addition, to be able to play a supervisory role, a fourth area is required: the intimate knowledge of the asset and wealth management industry, its players and its practices.

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All photographies courtesy of Arno-Rafael Minkkinen.